2016 Home Expo

Expo 2018

Central Housing and Planning Authority Expo is a tool for Nation Branding and Development.

From June 26-28, 2018, our Expo will attract other Caribbean countries as well as thousands of visitors. It is a unique opportunity for country to strengthen its international image and position itself as a key player affirming its key role in the development of sustainable energies.

Expo is also an extraordinary way to foster development. The event base the improvement of infrastructure, transportation network and housing capacity. It generates employment and job creation. This local national development is also boosted. After the event the site is transformed to fit with thee Economic, Social and Cultural needs of the area.

Major cultural and entertainment sector

Expo allows international and economic opportunities. This gives participants a unique way to present their achievements, cultural product to local and international audience. Expo allows countries to strengthen their cooperation ties and promote their local products. Companies can expand their markets.


An expo is a dialogue platform for progress and cooperation. An expo brings the whole world together. Chapa expo will bring Antiguans and Barbudans together to find solution to a fundamental challenge of humanity. This challenge is the theme of the expo.” Improving Quality Homes for Sustainable development”.

For the General Public

An Expo is an experience that combines entertainment and education and offers a wide variety of exhibition, activities and shows. With its innovative architecture, the Expo site is an attraction itself but interactive exhibition, the ground breaking technologies that are show cased and the expo’s intense cultural programme ensure a truly unforgettable experience.

A typical day at the Expo would be navigating over Barbuda and Antigua thanks to digital technologies listening to a concert- Robot play or do something engineering a debate